Smart request management for local governments.

GovFlow is an open source, fully extensible, request management system - designed from ground up for today's cities. Fully supporting 311 requests, help desk requests, and public question and answer interfaces, GovFlow offers a single system for constituents to engage with their city, and for city managers to monitor and analyse request management.

Who is using GovFlow

The City of Williamsburg has moved their Public Works request management onto Gov Flow.

Key features

Multiple input channels

Receive service requests from wherever your constituents are, including email, web, sms, social media, chatbots and more. Easily respond via the same channels.

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Fits for your workflow

GovFlow provides complete customization of the flow for handling requests. Bend GovFlow to fit your business requirements, and work how your team works.

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Accessible data-driven insights

GovFlow gives you a dashboard to interact with your data. Use it to get an understanding of the volume of your cases, identify service breakdowns by geolocation, and more.

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For City CIOs and CDOs

GovFlow is designed from ground up for request management, rather than needing to customize a CRM with some features for managing 311 requests. It is open source and deployable by any tech service provider, and is customizable to fit your internal workflows. In addition to management of service requests, GovFlow provides powerful dashboard views on your data enabling your teams to serve consistuents more effectively.

For Developers and GovTech Service Providers

GovFlow is open sourced under an MIT license, and provides compatibility with Open 311 GeoReport v2 (currently in alpha), making it easy to adopt with existing 311 systems. The core of GovFlow is deeply customizable via a plugin system, and provides a clean seperation between the API server and the web client. GovFlow is written in TypeScript, and developed openly on GitHub. We welcome issues for fixes and enhancements, discussions on new functionality, and pull requests!