GovFlow Features

Tailored for local governments

Multiple input channels

Receive service requests from wherever your constituents are, including email, web, sms, social media, chatbots and more. Easily respond via the same channels.

Fits your workflow

GovFlow provides complete customization of the flow for handling requests. Bend GovFlow to fit your business requirements, and work how your team works.

Data-driven insights

GovFlow includes a dashboard to interact with your data. Use it to get an understanding of the volume of your frequent cases, identify service breakdowns by location, and more.

Designed for easy integration

Open 311 support

GovFlow supports the Open 311 GeoReport v2 specification, enabling integration with existing 311 management systems, and data interoperability for external apps using the Open 311 specification.

Open Source

GovFlow is licenses under the MIT license. Use it, fork it, extend it, and contribute to the community of cities and solution providers designing and deploying 311 and workflow management systems.

Extensible architecture

GovFlow is designed for customization. Extend and change the behaviour of the API server with plugins, and write custom frontends and dashboards using a set of UI compoenents and existing design patterns (coming soon).